Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to keep your Orchid Alive

1.  Keep your Orchid in one spot, they do not like to be moved around.
2.  Keep Orchid in sunny spot.
3.  Do not overwater your Orchid.  I literally give my Orchid water like Once every two weeks.
4.  Trick of the Trade, instead of just putting water in your Orchid's soil, use ice cubes.  The ice cubes melt faster and don't drown your Orchid.

My Orchid currently has 8 new blooms!!!  I'm really proud of my Green Thumb!

Jamaica Plain Spring Fair Outcome!

Well everyone unfortunately the JP Spring Fair was a bust.  It was a beautiful day if you were in the shade, but a hot day if you were looking to walk around and make some purchases.  It honestly was absolutely dead!  But regardless I loved my display and I think I'm getting better and better at these Fairs!  My next Fair is at the Craft Fair @ Assembly Row in Somerville, MA on Saturday August 17th!!!  I'm doing it with my co-worker Jessica who will be showcasing some of her custom made cell phone cases and coasters!  They are really cute!!