Saturday, February 9, 2013

Occupying my time during SnowStorm Nemo!

Weddings, weddings, and more weddings....having been holed up for the past 48 hours I found myself obsessively pinning weddings photos!  Make sure you check out my Pinterest account to see the rest of them! All the links to where these photos originated from can be found thru my Pinterest account! Enjoy~

 Wildflowers are definitely going to be my floral arrangement choice at my wedding!

This was taken at Moraine Farm in Beverly, MA a venue I definitely would consider!  Id put this in my top 5 internet searched wedding venues between the states of Maine and Massachusetts!

Free People...honestly I don't want to spend over $1000.00 on my wedding dress.  There are so many great options out there without heaving out wads of cash!

 The theme of my wedding as of now would be rustic, vintage Bohemian and I love these old oil lanterns.  These would be absolutely stunning at a tent reception as center pieces, would be great actually burning!

                                                  Great ombre idea for bridesmaids dresses!

                                                                 Maine barn wedding!


So as you all may be aware New England was hit with a crazy snowstorm!  Record breaking at best!  We definitely exceeded about 3ft!  I have been stuck inside since Friday night but lucky to have not lost power.  One of the few places that was open today was Tedeschis convenience store, providing us with Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies and Ruffles!  As of 9pm Saturday night we are still snowed into our apartment.  It's been an enjoyable storm though allowing me to get out of work early and enjoy a nice three day weekend.  Of course as a skier I love snow!  So if your looking for some good skiing for the next two weeks make sure you head up to New Hampshire or Vermont!  Enjoy the snow filled pictures below!

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

                                                  Loon Mountain NH January 2013

                                                             Windham, NH

                                                             Windham, NH

                                                                Loon Mountain, NH

My new Free People rings - die love! @ Free People, Dedham, Legacy Place

Loon Mountain January 2013

Just saw Purity Ring at the House of Blues in Boston, MA this past week.  Absolutely amazing!  Their cover band Young Magic wasn't that great, they would be good for soundtrack music primarily.  Highly suggest you try and see them live as soon as possible!

Contemporary Vs Traditional

I'm always looking at residential design since I work in the real estate industry and I just love looking at dream homes. My boyfriend loves contemporary/modern design which makes sense since he is an architect!  But I like more traditional/organic/ rustic design.  So how do you create a happy balance between entirely opposite aesthics? Well I think I have found a great fusion between the two! Below are contemporary homes with warmth infused into the design through the use of wood and even concrete materials.  Although darkness seems to evoke a more cold exterior in these instances the darker tones produce a homey feeling.  The wood textures present the rustic/outdoor environment, while the sleek/neutral tones bring forth a contemporary vibe.