Thursday, November 3, 2011

My first find!

I'm creating this blog to log my ventures in furniture refinishing.  I've always loved vintage, antique, or shabby chic pieces so I thought why not try to create my own? 
In addition, I'm going through a beginner's life crisis, seeing as I'm only 22 (haha) - where I feel that I need to pick up a hobby to distract myself from the sickening routine of work.  I thought working since I was fourteen years old would have taught me a lot more about the "working world" than what I've been experiencing since graduating college.  The real world is truly upon my doorstep, not in an entirely negative way but sometimes it is quite overwhelming. 
Therefore, I feel the need to focus some of my free time on pursuing something I love...and I love design!  I love interior design, and I figured the closest way to explore that interest is through refinishing small pieces of furniture. 
Maybe I'll become famous from furniture refinishing and never have to work another day of my life!!  I'm just joking...kind of.  I actually really love my job right now but I'm just getting use to the fact that I will have to pretty much work every day for the rest of my life!  Wouldnt that make anyone depressed?  Well to get our minds off of that topic let me introduce my first find!

60's night table made by Dixie
Solid Wood
Formica top
Light beige/yellow paint
Minor imperfections
Gold detailing

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