Saturday, May 25, 2013

Anthropologie Bedding for Less!

So I love Anthropologie.  If I could live, sleep, it Anthro I would.  I actually use to work at their store on Boylston Street in college.  That store isnt there anymore, it moved to Newbury Street.  I liked the old store better =/   Anyway if you love ANthro! and arent RiCH! then you know how expensive they are!!  I am always trying to look for Anthro Alternatives.  I've been looking for a new quilt lately for my room and I was inspired by Anthro's newest selections.  I started doing some research on Etsy and check out what I found.  They are called Kantha Quilts.
 Anthropologie Queen $200.00                                Etsy Queen $138.00

Anthropologie Twin $168.00
Etsy Twin $75.00

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