Monday, May 20, 2013

First Time as Vendor at South End Market Boston, MA

My Mother, Aunt and I were first time vendors at the South End Market (SOWA) in Boston, MA this past Sunday!  It was a lot of fun and the weather was pretty nice.  My origami lanterns did really well.  Our tent was a little on the amateur side compared to the other seasoned artisans.  I'm very excited to particpate in other local craft markets and work on a better visual display.

There were about 30 food trucks about two blocks away.  I got breakfast of Scallion Pancakes with eggs, home-made pesto and vermont cheddar cheese.  Lunch was a delicious crepe like wrap with proscuitto, mesculin and lemon vinaigrette!  Delicious!!

There is also an antique market indoors where you can find some really great finds like these vintage, mint colored lockers!  How great would these look in a gorgeous loft space with hard wood, weathered floors??

One of the vendors had succulent flowers and cactuses.  Gorgeous idea for a western, indie themed wedding!


This is the contemporary self portrait my Mom did of me   =)

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